A reflection on our Volunteer Preparation Course

Last month, ten more trainee volunteers successfully completed our Home-Start Better Start Volunteer Preparation Course.

One of our successful volunteers, Shannon, is currently doing a course and was asked to do a reflective piece as part of her coursework. Here is Shannon's reflection:

"On the first day I did not know what to expect. I did not know if I would fit in due to my age or experience, but I was wrong. I have now met friends for life. Friends who have so much experience and knowledge to share with me. All the group was so welcoming, - you would think we had known each other for years. We have respected each other's viewpoints and opinions in every discussion even if we do not fully agree with what has been said.

"Throughout the ten-week training course we discussed various topics and due to our group being so diverse it meant we were able to have multiple points of views all with different aspects. I have learned so much more than I expected. Each session brings new ideas and suggestions and ways to look at situations. Due to the in-depth training Home-Start Bradford provides, I am now confident that I am ready to effectively volunteer.

"I would recommend training to be a volunteer to anyone. Even if you think you do not have enough knowledge or experience, the training provided fills any gap in a fun activity-based way."

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