Thank you event and away day

Thursday morning saw one of a kind gathering of staff, trustees and volunteers coming together to look at the best of Home-Start Bradford District and how we can collectively harness that goodness to plan and succeed in our future. 

What a morning! The ideas, discussion and creativity (with the help of duplo!) were flying around under the guidance of Creative Change Consultant Elaine Applebee. To hear from the ‘horses' mouths’ about how we are succeeding was a massive boost to all but more importantly the will and focus on how we can do better, build on that success with our grit, resilience and determination and help more families was crucial. 

Voting on small and bold actions was really popular and showed the whole group how little ideas can grow, becoming central to a strategy. Each group shared a mix of attendees which gave us all a chance to really understand and listen to the views and ideas of those in different parts of the organisation structurally and geographically. The job now goes to our Board to take this work forward.  Exciting times ahead!

In the afternoon, we said a huge thank you to our volunteers, trustees and staff by putting on a host of fun and relaxing activities including Banghra dancing with Punjabi Roots Academy, Thai massage with Bao, arm knitting and card making. We even had a photo booth where the sunflower headdress was a definite favourite especially with the youngest (and definitely the cutest) of our attendees!

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